Fulvio Oliveira

living in Ashfield, NSW
Born August 18th, 1979


Main IT Competencies

(out of 10)
HTML/CSS 8 MSSQL, MySQL, other SQL, injection 7
W3C standards 8 Database Normalization 7
JavaScript 8 Resource Optimization 8
XML 8 Browser-based WYSIWYG development 6
PHP 8 Coding standards and style 8
Python (GUI, cli, web) 6 PHP on Windows Platform 7
Java (GUI, cli) 6 PHP on Unix-like Platforms 8
ASP (Microsoft)* 8 Image editors (GIMP/Photoshop) 7
CMS Systems 8 Unix/Linux Server Administration 8
Linux shell script 6 Windows Server Administration 6
Msc/Nastran* 7 Autocad R14/2002 (Scripting/3D)* 7
C, C++, C# * 7 Basic/Visual Basic* 6
Clipper* 6 Data-mining and web crawlers 7
DBase* 7 Pascal/Delphi/Kylix* 6
Assembly* 6 hardware setup, maintance and tweaking 7
* activity carried out over 1 year ago

Selected IT Projects

Educational Background

March 2008 to
November 2009
  • Diploma in IT Business Systems Analysis and Design
    • Australian Pacific College
    • Sydney, NSW
March 2007 to
March 2008
  • Certificate IV in Business Marketing
    • Kent Institute of Business and Technology
    • Sydney, NSW
January 1998 to
December 2002
  • Master‘s Degree, Automobile Mechanical Engineer
    • FEI - University Centre Of The Educational Foundation Of Saint Ignatius
    • Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 1996 to
August 1997

Some IT Experience

Since September 2008
Since March 2008
  • Started Pinja Inc., with three friends to gather our individual projects under the same brand.
    Pinja Inc. is a software development company in Sydney, NSW
February 2007 - September 2008
  • Working for Interspire Pty. Ltd., permanent part-time
    Interspire is a web-based applications development company in Sydney, NSW
    • Lead development and technical support for SiteCenter (PHP/MySQL for Windows and Unix-like servers),
    • Lead development and technical support for WebEdit (PHP/MySQL for Windows and Unix-like servers),
    • Software Validation, development, new features and technical support for DevEdit (PHP for Windows and Unix-like servers)
Since January 2003
  • Working for Intermol S/A, full-time from 2003 until October 2006, casual ever since
    Intermol is an internet hosting and systems development company in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil
    • Member of the Interface Research Team at Intermol,
    • Member of the Natural Language Research Team at Intermol,
    • Wrote the Intermol Coding Standards,
    • Lectured on HTML and CSS coding according to W3C standards,
    • Extreme data-mining and reverse engineering on the Alsys Software, used internally by the Eissei Molina Lab, fetching, analysing and exporting its DBF files to a SQL online database,
    • Many different web projects on ASP, ASP.NET, C#, PHP/MSSQL, PHP/MySQL, Flash and JavaScript games, Search engines,
    • Maintance and technical support on a RedHat 9 server with 290 clients (typical LAMP - Host2001),
    • Maintance and technical support on other WAMP servers
  • Some data-mining and Pascal programs while studying Mechanical Engineering
  • Working for Samavisa Litoral S/A, part-time position
    Samavisa is a bus company in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil
    • Ticket sales tracking,
    • Gathering/generating/analysing statistical data,
    • Lotus 1-2-3 R2, dBase, Clipper, Basic and C
  • Basic, C and Clipper programs on a PC-XT, dBase and Lotus usage, basic networking (BBS)
  • Basic and Assembly programs on a TK2000, basic networking (BBS)